La Farola - Angel - London

Sharing is generally not my forte.

It's not because I'm an asshole.

It's just because I don't eat my food, I inhale it.

So sharing is just dangerous if you dine with me.

Luckily the lovely Vivi from FrostedPearl wasn't aware of this, so I took her for tapas at La Farola in Angel.

I was on my best behaviour :P 

Chargrilled Bread with Olive Oil & Tomato Jam

Pimientoes de Padron 
Pan fried Galician peppers with garlic & salt.
Croquetas de Bacalao 
 Salted cod croquetas with bravas sauce
Crispy fried baby squid with ali oil sauce, punterella salad, & grated lemon zest
Pollo a La Brasa
 Chargrilled chicken 
Crespelle Con Ricotta E Spinaci 
Pancakes filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, & sundried tomato with b├ęchamel & parmesan glazing
Churros with Molten Chocolate


I love the huge windows here; I could sit by the window for hours people watching.

Like an old perve.

Plus it really helps to make this small & cosy restaurant; bright, airy & gives the illusion of wider space.

Sex Appeal?


- Chargrilled bread with olive oil & tomato jam. £2.95
- Pimientoes de Padron - pan fried Galician peppers with garlic & salt. £4.25

These two went exceedingly well together, especially if you slather on a generous helping of the tomato jam on to the warm, crusty bread and top with the Galician peppers. 


- Croquetas de Bacalao -  Salted cod croquetas with bravas sauce £5.95
- Chipriones - Crispy fried baby squid with ali oil sauce, punterella salad, & grated lemon zest £6.50
- Pollo a La Brasa - Chargrilled chicken £7.25
- Crespelle Con Ricotta E Spinaci - Pancakes filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, & sundried tomato with b├ęchamel & parmesan glazing. £4.25

Normally I expect minuscule serving sizes for tapas, so was very surprised at the portions served at La Farola.

I really couldn't fault any of the dishes I tried, and if I were to recommend you anything.

It would be to order those cod croquettes.

Do it.


- Tiramisu £4.25

Literally coffee infused cream layered on top of chocolate cake.

I love chocolate cake.

I love cream.


- Churros £4.25

Melted dark chocolate, with crispy yet soft cinnamon sugar covered doughnuts.


Just yes.


It was lunchtime when we strolled in so we opted for a set menu at £12.95 per person, this gave you the option for 1 starter, 2 tapas dishes & 1 dessert each.

An excellent deal.

Lunch dates are so under rated. 

It's a great time to sample dishes at any restaurant at a fraction of the price normally.

So start going on lunch dates, score early, and she'll be making you that grilled sandwich sooner than you think ;P


7/10 Yummei's


La Farola
101 Upper Street,
N1 1QN

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  1. this looks so good!! and anywhere that serves churros is a good one in my books. x

  2. Hahah yep can't beat a good stash of churros

  3. Wow wow wow - need to try this place out. The cod croquetas look particularly yummy! xx

  4. Oh you haha! You could've said something ;). Normally I prefer to have my own dish as well but sharing with you was not a problem for me :D maybe because normally I go out with my bf for lunch or dinner and then I have to be quick to get enough food lol.

    Hope to see you again soon <3

    xxx Vivi

  5. Oh yeah - those were amazing! Definitely check it out Em. :}

  6. Hahha I like to be ninja :P Awh perfect so you are well trained in the art of food fighting hahah - definitely have to do it again soon lovely xx

  7. I moved to Brighton in September and recently started up my blog again. :) I'm starting to find loads of bloggers from here now too, which is awesome! Check out my blog if you like. :)



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