Sunday, 30 December 2012

Burger and Lobster - Farringdon - London

If you live in London, I'm sure you would have heard of Burger and Lobster.

Since it first opened last December in Mayfair, B&L has been creating heatwaves in the atmosphere.

So hot that it was necessary to open branches in Soho, and most recently in Farringdon both in the same year. 

The concept is simple:

3 Choices:

Beef Burger (Beef burger, with optional bacon and cheese)

Lobster (You know just a huge, stonking lobster with a jug of garlic and lemon butter) 


Lobster Roll (Cold lobster served on toasted brioche with a dash of wasabi mayo or lemon and garlic dressing)

All served with salad and chips.

Priced at £20 each.

B&L have recently introduced sharing lobster options, which is basically a bigger, and more badass lobster weighing up to ~10bl for £150 with unlimited salad and chips (Prices start from £60 onwards; for the sharing lobsters depending on size).

Anyway for £20, for a whole lobster? Sweet Mother may I?!?!

The Burger 

The Lobster Roll

 The Lobster

It goes without saying that I ordered the Lobster; it came to me steamed and char-grilled for added perfection, with a side of liquid garlic butter.

Let's face it, anything where there is a jug of melted butter on your plate is going to give you instant gratification.

DO NOT be a sissy and use a knife and fork.

Handling such a beauty requires the use of your bare hands.

Brute strength baby.

So no formality, dig in, and dig deep.

I feel it necessary to say that I would recommend B&L as a place for friends.

So gather your compadres and head on down there.  (Mayfair remains walk-in only, but I hear Farringdon and Soho are taking bookings.)

Avoid on first dates, unless it's a turn on to see your date man-handling a lobster, and having garlic butter dripping off their chin...

Oh hold that thought... 

I was wrong. 

That is a sexy sight. 

Burger and Lobster scores an honourable:

8/10 Yummei's.

Burger and Lobster

St. John Street,

36 Dean Street,

29 Clarges Street,

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  1. Chips in a steel cup? classy ;J

  2. Hi Amy,

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  3. Awh thank you for the heads up - Jared! :}

  4. YUM I must check this place out! I love your blog, very useful. I'm a BIG foodie lover living in London.

    Check out my reviews -

    I am just getting started so would really appreciate any feed back!

    1. I will definitely check your blog out <3
      Yes go visit and let me know what you think x


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