Chotto Matte - Soho - London

2015 is here! January marks the struggle to keep those damned New Year's Resolutions.

Sometimes, you just have to strike out every now and then. Give in to a little temptation.

Lately, I seem to have been appointed as Fairy Godmother.

I'm being undulated with requests on where to take a girl out for that all important Post-First-Date location.

Time to up the ante fellas, and seal the deal with the help of Chotto Matte.

It's dark, a little naughty and seriously sexy.


The Bell Pool Villa - Phuket - Thailand

There's just something spiritual about Phuket.

Since I started studying & working in London, I noticed that Londoner's have a real problem with impatience and are constantly rushing around. Myself included. Every second counts.

So, when I finally found the time to just pack up my things and fly half way across the world.

I turned off my phone, deactivated my emails and totally disconnected from everything.

That feeling of being isolated. Completely unreachable. It was paradise.



MissChu - Aldgate - London

"You ling, we bling!"

 After seeing MissChu's slogan on their little delivery bikes, needless to say I was sold.


Big Easy - BBQ & Whisky Master Class - Covent Garden - London *

Man Vs. Food was and still is one of my FAVOURITE shows of all time.

Who doesn't envy Adam Richman, travelling all over America feasting on that fine ass BBQ.

Whilst we sit there salivating. Wishing we were thousands of miles across the Atlantic, getting our hands dirty eating that true American BBQ too.

If only there was some way we could get our hands on it?

Oh wait...

There is! 

Since the Big Easy expanded their empire to Covent Garden, in London.

Making it that much easier to have a taste of that all American BBQ from the comfort of your backyard.

It's time to play catch up.  Adam can't have all the fun. 


Moti Mahal - Spice & Gosset Champagne Event - Covent Garden - London

I can shamelessly admit that I am probably the worst person to be sat next to at a dinner party. 

I have serious self restraint problems.

So, if you see me looking smug with myself perched bang in the centre of the table, the worst choice you could make is to sit opposite or next to me.

Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Poppadums & Chutney

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