Sushi Tetsu - Farringdon - London

Those who have been fortunate enough to get a seat at Sushi Tetsu, know of the trauma attached to finally getting that coveted reservation at this 7 seater restaurant.

Harumi and Toru Takahashi set up shop in a tiny alleyway in Farringdon, with only 7 seats at the bar. It's so eye wateringly small you have to do a double-take. It feels so exclusive that like Sushi Tetsu was opened for the night just for you.

Sushi Tetsu offer only sushi and sashimi. 

Purity at it's finest.
Sea Bream


Donde Carlos - Shepherds Bush - London

Lately, I've been getting used to being completely left to my own devices.

There's something quite liberating having no one to answer to but yourself.

Just me, myself and I and I know exactly what I want and need...



Ceru - Fitzrovia - London

A few months ago, my  foodie chum, my partner in crime, my chocolate sauce to my pudding decided it was a great idea to leave me and go overseas for a few months/indefinitely.

Even the most decadent, most filthiest, most delicious cake wasn't enough to cheer this sad little bean up.


Flesh and Buns - London - Covent Garden

I like being led downstairs. It always feels like I'm about to enter in somewhere naughty.

The atmosphere is pretty electric as you step down the stairs into a dark room with loud thumping Rock and Roll music. 

Flesh & Bun' is the sister restaurant of Bone Daddies from Ross Shonhan.

Let's see if it lived up to the hype...

Roasted Crispy Belly Pork with Custard Miso


Chotto Matte - Soho - London

2015 is here! January marks the struggle to keep those damned New Year's Resolutions.

Sometimes, you just have to strike out every now and then. Give in to a little temptation.

Lately, I seem to have been appointed as Fairy Godmother.

I'm being undulated with requests on where to take a girl out for that all important Post-First-Date location.

Time to up the ante fellas, and seal the deal with the help of Chotto Matte.

It's dark, a little naughty and seriously sexy.


The Bell Pool Villa - Phuket - Thailand

There's just something spiritual about Phuket.

Since I started studying & working in London, I noticed that Londoner's have a real problem with impatience and are constantly rushing around. Myself included. Every second counts.

So, when I finally found the time to just pack up my things and fly half way across the world.

I turned off my phone, deactivated my emails and totally disconnected from everything.

That feeling of being isolated. Completely unreachable. It was paradise.

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